The Metabolic Toolkit

Evolved Management of Equine Endocrine Diseases

Looking for HOW to build a stronger equine practice?

Welcome to a tried-and-true (read, proven) method to actually improve care for horses with metabolic diseases, easily plan next steps, and catch horses and clients that have fallen through the cracks. This isn't a corporate-designed system built to lock you in and force your hand when it comes to treatment. This framework combines your standard of care with input from equine endocrinology experts to make a flexible, winning recipe for you and your team.

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Structured for success

Too many veterinarians are running on empty, doing their best to take great care of their patients and clients, but are hampered by inefficient or missing plans to guide them and their patients' care.

This simple framework enables you to strategically and simply care for your equine patients with metabolic disease. There's [probably] only one of you, but this system can give you more time back in your day. Not only does it allow for easier look-up and monitoring of all--or a single--patient, but need-to-know information, like dosage and historical bloodwork results, is all in one place. Easy-as-pie color-coded reminders for overdue patient retesting make scheduling a breeze. Better care for all your patients, easily and profitably.

This Toolkit has real horse power

Case Study & Results:
Large Private Equine Hospital

In the spring 2020, 38 horses were tested for metabolic diseases. Of those horses, 17 were evaluated for PPID using TRH injections.

Of the 38 horses, 42% of tested horses were PPID positive. That percentage jumped to 58% when horses were tested using TRH.

Of the same 38 horses, 36% were confirmed positive for Insulin Dysregulation (ID) using basal/resting insulin.

Over a third of the PPID positive horses (37.5%) were also positive for ID, highlighting the need for careful evaluation for potential comorbidities and thus different disease management protocols.

Equine Metabolic Optimization Case Study

Case study: the fiscal side

Practice Prascend sales jumped up 34% from the previous year. Annual estimated net profit coming from the program (way beyond even Prascend sales) would nearly cover a full-time technician's salary, even before program optimization and expansion...

Worried this Toolkit wouldn't work for smaller practices?

The Metabolic Toolkit is successful no matter the practice size because its foundation focuses on providing best medicine and promoting client-veterinarian relationships. Fiscal rewards are indeed a beneficial result, but they are not the primary driving force behind this Toolkit.

For example, a solo practitioner is likely to see annual profits of several hundred to a couple thousand dollars annually, depending on patient demographics (testing age and life expectancy). Keep in mind these numbers are before program expansion and optimizations that further boost these profits.

A three doctor practice would probably annually profit $2,750 to $7,000 or more using this program, and could easily increase profit with optimization and program expansion.
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Need More Time in Your Day? (Who Doesn't?)

You're a good doctor that truly cares for your patients, but you have 6,203 things on your plate.

This Toolkit will take some things OFF your plate AND make it easier to care for your patients.

Forget having to dig through each patient's file to find what you need, since all of your patients' metabolic testing information will now be in one centralized, searchable, sortable place.

You'll be able to monitor multiple components related to metabolic disease and treatment, including treatment type, dosage, last bloodwork recheck dates, and more.

This system lets you keep a closer eye on individual horses, as well as all the patients collectively, so you can identify trends and keep horses (and clients) from falling through the cracks.

Don't have time for rigorous classwork? Good thing this is different...

We all know how intensely busy and demanding veterinary medicine can be, so this micro-course is fully self-paced and all digital.

Learn from anywhere, anytime.

No deadlines or due dates.

No quizzes.

No drama.

Just yourself helping  future you on your schedule.

The birth of the Toolkit's framework:

"When I came to Rachel with a small problem of underutilization, she was extremely motivated by first improving equine wellness and then incorporating that into a systematic plan that solved the immediate problem. What was born as a little 'project' developed into a working relationship of improving equine wellness thru development of working, usable, repeatable 'tools' that improved practice efficiency, profitability, and client compliance."

Victoria Vaughn, Industry Professional
meet the tools
Short videos and simple templates walk you through the process, from exploring educational resources to creating a solid "safety net" to keep patients (and their care) from falling through the cracks. They're also jam-packed with ways to make and save the practice money!
Step I: Introduction to the Toolkit & The Bigger Picture

This short video delves into an overview of this framework's foundation, goals, and components, then pushes deeper into what makes this Toolkit so successful yet simple.

Step II: Preparing for the Season

This video walks you through different ways to educate yourself and your clients to boost client compliance and strengthen the client-veterinarian relationship.

Equine Endocrinology Monitoring and Tracking with The Metabolic Toolkit
Step III: Seasonal Management

This spreadsheet template and how-to video will be your workhorse and go-to tool during the active testing seasons. Automated formulas do the heavy-lifting for you, and keep track of days remaining in the testing period.

Step IV: Continuum of Care Tracker

Hit your stride with this customizable tracker built to save you time and catch patients that have fallen through the cracks. Monitor individual or all patients, medication purchases, and dosages. Easily identify horses in need of retesting and possible dosage changes.

Fiscal Fruits of the Toolkit: Revenue & Estimated Net Profit Calculator

Let's get down to business! Explore how these tools stack up to create three strong revenue streams using this spreadsheet template. Estimate practice and product costs related to testing and managing metabolic diseases. Forecast the fiscal benefits of this Toolkit over one or multiple years.

Nutritional Resources

A clickable PDF filled with strategies from expert nutritionists and leading organizations to optimize diets for horses with metabolic diseases.

Sounds amazing, so it's probably crazy expensive...

You'd be wrong!! A seat in this online training is literally less than a 160 count box of Prascend!

Is it worth more? HECK YES!

But my goal is to empower teams of all sizes to take an active role in improved patient care, making their own careers easier and more sustainable in the process. To do this, I needed to make sure this amazing Toolkit was accessible to even solo practitioners.

Get The Entire Metabolic Toolkit for $199!

Who made this?

Hi! I'm Rachel, creator of The Metabolic Toolkit. I'm a former Laboratory Manager at a large, premier private equine hospital in the Northeast US, where I updated and transformed the laboratory.

I realized many veterinary practices haven't realized the power leveraging their laboratory services can bring to the entire clinic in terms of practice stability and growth.

In late 2020, I opened Amwell Data Services LLC, partnering with veterinary teams to help them get the most from their laboratory services.

I created this high-impact online training to guide others through successfully and easily transforming their approach to caring for horses with metabolic diseases.

My goal with this is to empower veterinarians and their teams to evolve their practice to better serve their patients and clients, and do so profitably. More margin (both fiscal and mental) can hopefully make careers in veterinary medicine more sustainable.

Rachel Lemcke, BS, MS

Owner & Founder of Amwell Data Services

Beyond The Metabolic Toolkit, I offer another incredible lab-focused online training. The 30 Day Lab Makeover is a comprehensive walk-through and transformation of the veterinary laboratory. From in-depth missed billing strategies and pricing analysis, to optimizing operational and training workflows, The 30 Day Lab Makeover flips the script on long-forgotten laboratory services.

How does this work?

Once you purchase by clicking here, you’ll get an email with the link and log-in information to access the online course material.

This gives you instant and lifetime online access to the entire micro-course and all the downloadable goodies, like the spreadsheets, templates, etc. You can watch the videos and work through the material at your own pace.

If you need help along the way, feel free to email Rachel at

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Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine your practice with even better patient care, better relationships with clients, and a stronger bottom line....

The Metabolic Toolkit
Built for busy equine veterinarians looking for an easy, proven system to build a stronger, sustainable practice and provide better patient care!
All digital and self-paced with no deadlines or quizzes.
Short videos and customizable, color-coded spreadsheet templates built to make your life easier, while saving and making you money.

This system is highly achievable and profitable for practices of all sizes, from solo practitioners to large referral centers.
The Metabolic Toolkit

Evolved Management of Equine Metabolic Disease

Build a Better Future for You & Your Patients for $199
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