The 30 Day Lab Makeover

A Micro-Course for Optimizing the Veterinary Laboratory

The 30 Day Lab Makeover -$57

Built by a former Lab Manager who transformed a large equine practice's in-house laboratory, The 30 Day Lab Makeover is a comprehensive walk-through and transformation of the veterinary laboratory. From in-depth missed billing strategies and pricing analysis, to optimizing operational and training workflows, The 30 Day Lab Makeover flips the script on long-forgotten laboratory services.

Yes! I Want to Flip the Script & Evolve My Lab!

Is your laboratory struggling to keep up with the rest of the practice, or produce a hearty ROI?

What if you could easily revamp or boost your lab and put it on a fast-track to consistent day-to-day success and fiscal performance?

With The 30 Day Lab Makeover, there’s no need for the laboratory to feel like a lost cause or leaky bucket.

This introductory-level course is designed for practice owners and veterinary teams looking to begin strategically managing their lab services from an operational and fiscal perspective.

We all know how intensely busy and demanding veterinary medicine can be, so this micro-course is fully self-paced and all digital.

No deadlines or due dates.

No quizzes.

No drama.

Just evolving the lab on your schedule.

Feedback on the Introductory Veterinary Laboratory Optimization Microcourse
Tell me if this sounds like you...

- Missed billing keep you up at night (or gives you gray hair!)

- Costs keep rising (or jumping up) and it’s hard to find savings

- You or your team can’t seem to keep their heads above water in the lab day-to-day

- There’s no plan in place to develop or grow the lab (therefore missing out on profit$)

- Pricing lab testing is complicated—or tricky—at best

- There’s no back up plan aka contingency plan...

- The lab is a scary or uncomfortable place for your technicians

What If There was A way to...?

- Easily calculate your lab testing costs and profit margins & markups?

- Incorporate two simple techniques to advance your in-house laboratory services?

- Strategically price lab testing?

- Train staff so the lab is more welcoming?

- Reset mindsets so your team can better handle lab workflows and growth?

- Save money across multiple areas in the lab?

Right now, you’re probably struggling to make the laboratory perform well, for both your patients and your bottom line...

You’re probably struggling to develop a plan to make the lab successful. 

Imagine if the laboratory didn’t cause headaches, but instead was better equipped with a plan to help it bloom.


Make your laboratory work for you, your team, and your business, not the other way around.

Click here to start evolving your lab with The 30 Day Lab Makeover for $57!

What's the 30 day lab makeover?

The 30 Day Lab Makeover features four primary areas (modules), conveniently grouped into weeks.

The micro-course format incorporates short (<30 minute) videos with a few handy, downloadable and customizable tools, including spreadsheets, a training checklist template, and a PDF filled with free educational links and cases.

Week One focuses on reorganizing and aligning the team's mentalities, and strategies to identify and tackle missed billing.

Week Two digs deep into the fiscal operating and equipment costs, and incorporates spreadsheets that automatically calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and profit margins and markups for lab testing, plus money-saving shipping strategies.

Week Three introduces two advanced--yet simple--techniques (with free educational resources!) to grow your services and help your patients: in-house microbiology and cytology.

Week Four centers on making your team more resilient using the T.E.A.M. Rule in cross-training, growing your staff's knowledge and comfort in the lab.

Hi! I'm Rachel, creator of
The 30 Day Lab Makeover!

I'm a former Laboratory Manager at a large, premier private equine hospital in the Northeast US, where I updated and transformed the laboratory.

My background in high-level wet bench techniques (qPCR, Western Blot, IHC, etc.) from my Bachelors and Masters research days gave me a leg up when I started at the hospital.

I realized many veterinary practices haven't realized the power leveraging their laboratory services can bring to the entire clinic in terms of practice stability and growth.

In late 2020, I opened Amwell Data Services LLC, building hands-on, customizable tools--like The 30 Day Lab Makeover--to transform and better leverage the laboratory.

I created The 30 Day Lab Makeover to guide others through successfully and easily transforming their lab’s performance.

My goal with this is to empower veterinarians and their teams to evolve their laboratory to better serve their patients and grow their ROI. More margin (both fiscal and mental) can hopefully make careers in veterinary medicine more sustainable.

Rachel Lemcke, BS, MS

Owner & Founder of Amwell Data Services

Praise for Rachel

"I’ve worked with Rachel for four years and developed a deep respect for her intellect, ingenuity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When I came to her with a small problem of underutilization, she was extremely motivated by first improving equine wellness and then incorporating that into a systematic plan that solved the immediate problem. What was born as a little “project” developed into a working relationship of improving equine wellness thru development of working, usable, repeatable “tools” that improved practice efficiency, profitability and client compliance."

-Victoria V., Industry Professional

One of Rachel's marketing programs grew sales of a veterinary pharmaceutical product by 33% in one year focusing on best medicine. Conservative projections estimate over $230,000 in net income of the next ten years.

What topics & tools are included in The 30 Day Lab Makeover?

Week One: Ideological Frameworks & Billing – $175 value

Week Two: Managing Operational and Equipment Expenses, Plus Inventory Management: Video + COGS Spreadsheet + Shipping Savings Spreadsheet – $435 value

Week Three: Techniques to Advance the Lab: Video + Continuing Education PDF – $130 value

Week Four: Personnel Training: Video + Personnel Training Checklist – $130 Value

Total value = $870!!

But I'm offering seats in The 30 Day Laboratory Makeover for just $57!

That’s less than 10% of its value and a $813 savings!

What's financial success and efficiency in the lab worth to you?

Less Headaches in the Lab?! Yes Please!!

The 30 Day Lab Makeover starts with an introductory video outlining the plan to optimize the laboratory.

No, I won’t be explaining how to run a CBC, or tips to keep the hematocrit clay from spinning out during PCVs.

This micro-course goes way bigger than that, covering the biggest components of a successful veterinary laboratory.

Week one is a game-changer.
Week one:
Ideological Frameworks & Billing

I found my way of thinking, my mentality was the single biggest thing that helped me transform that lab.

I share my ten-part ideological framework with real-life examples to help you and your team better understand what successful implementation would look like.

Week One also delves into the nitty-gritty pain and costs surrounding missed billing.

Wait, billing?!? This is supposed to be about the lab, right?!?

You're right!! It IS about the lab AND billing! Billing enables your team to keep caring for patients. Missed billing can keep you from having the resources to help patients in the future!

I break down WHY and HOW it’s hurting your business so much, and I share ways to empower your team to help identify and fix those missed billing gaps.

Week One

Week One includes...

An easy-to-follow video centered on increasing efficiency and capturing missed billing with actionable steps to share with your team ($175 value)

week two pushes deeper into the fiscal side.

(Great for practice and office managers too, wink-wink!)

Week Two includes...

A simple video walks you through how to handle expenses and rising costs, creating contingency plans, and ways to save money ($85 value)

A pre-filled template--complete with built-in formulas and a simple tracker for analysis--helps you calculate your costs, margins, and markups. This easy template can be used throughout your practice! ($225 value)

A second template to help you take advantage of fantastic discounted FedEx & UPS shipping labels to reference laboratories. Automatic formulas calculate your annual savings! ($125 value)

Week Two:
Managing Operational & Equipment Expenses, Plus Inventory Management

Week Two lays out how to handle equipment and operational expenses, plus control inventory management.

I also explain the need for contingency planning.

Don’t think you need one? Think again!!

It’s in your and your patients’ best interests to put a strong plan into place now, and share it with your team. Someone will act when there’s a crisis, but will it be the best plan that protects your patients, your assets, your team, and your reputation?

In Week Two, I lay out step-by-step how to calculate your costs that make up lab testing, from labor to primary and supplemental supplies.

It’s all wrapped up (minus a bow!) in a simple fillable spreadsheet to calculate COGS (Cost of Goods Sold). The profit margin and markups are also calculated automatically, so you can easily keep an eye on them and plan for the future.

Saving money is just as important when it comes to strategic laboratory management. That’s why I built an entire spreadsheet to help you identify ways to save on shipping, plus I share other huge money-saving tips in the Week Two video.

week three is made for science-lovers.

Week Three:
Techniques to Advance the Lab

Week Two backs up and changes course a little, from the fiscal-heavy to hands-on laboratory techniques.

I explain how in-house aerobic microbiology and cytology services are a win-win-win for your patients, your team, and your bottom line.

I walk you through need-to-know basics--including agar types and streaking techniques--but keep it simple.

I also include tips on slide making and staining, which are critical to successful cytology.

I compiled a convenient clickable PDF with free educational webinars, media information, clinical examples, and even an entire free 1,300-page textbook!

Week Three includes...

An quick video designed to introduce two high-level, profitable techniques and tips for bringing them in-house ($95 value)

Grab-and-go PDF with clickable links to access several free online resources for continuing education for microbiology and cytology ($35 value)

week four is all about empowering your team!

(Free tip: your team is your greatest asset.)

Week Four includes...

An easy video introduces the T.E.A.M. Rule for helping your team easily learn techniques in the lab, and explains the power of cross-training ($85 value)

A customizable training checklist helps you track who's up-to-date on the latest lab trainings, and maximize cross-training opportunities. This staff checklist easily could pull double- or triple-duty and be used across the practice! ($45 value)

Week Four:
Personnel Training

Let's face it: some people love all things lab, and others can't get out of there fast enough.

Even though it's not naturally everyone's cup of tea (let's face it, not everyone has a favorite cell type or bacteria!), it should still be accessible and welcoming. I walk you through how to make learning in the lab easier--both for the teachers and the students.

I created the T.E.A.M. Rule to help guide your Laboratory and Technician Managers with the how, when, and why cross-training helps everyone at the practice.

An easy-to-use training checklist template will help hold your team accountable and keep expectations clear.

"Many hands make light work” is the motto for Week Four!

How Do I Know if The 30 Day Lab Makeover is for me?

This micro-course is designed to empower all types of veterinary professionals--from veterinary technicians to full-time veterinarians to busy practice owners.
Not only will you grow your skills in the laboratory, you'll also have tools to help you better manage the fiscal side of the laboratory.
This micro-course would also benefit anyone looking to own or start a veterinary practice.
Better understand the team's workflows and the lab's critical role in the business! Great for veterinarians interested in practice ownership!
Practice & Inventory Managers
Solve missed billing gaps, increase team and workflow efficiency, develop contingency plans, and help develop the lab into a strong asset for the practice!
Practice Owners
Help maximize your ROI in the lab! Leveraging laboratory services is a great, sustainable way to improve the practice's overall stability and growth!
Veterinary Nurses & Technicians
Build a strategic mindset that helps serve the entire practice. Develop skills to take your passion for veterinary medicine to the next level.
Lab Managers & Technicians
Identify opportunities to strengthen the lab and empower the team! Refine physical workflows and learn ways to make the lab a welcoming place for your team.
Future Practice Owners
Understand the components of a successful laboratory, so you can build a strong foundation from the beginning. Great strategies for highly efficient, profitable laboratory services!
Just $57?! I'm In!!

How Does This Work?

Once you purchase The 30 Day Lab Makeover by clicking here, you’ll get an email with the link and log-in information to access the micro-course material.

This gives you instant and lifetime online access to the entire micro-course and all the downloadable goodies, like the spreadsheets, template, etc.

You can watch the videos and work through the material at your own pace.

If you need help along the way, feel free to email Rachel at

Refund Policy Details

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you & your team could be in a month from now, or next quarter...

The lab could be moving in the right direction, with a strong plan and know-how to better serve your patients and team...

Your team would be identifying missed billing gaps, and taking steps to correct them...

Your hospital valuation and cash flows could be increased, with laboratory costs accounted for and minimized... 
Fully self-paced and all digital!

Four easy-to-follow modules that are built to easily fit into busy schedules:
Ideological Frameworks & Billing - $175 Value

Managing Operational & Equipment Expenses, Plus Inventory Management + COGS Spreadsheet + Shipping Savings Spreadsheet - $435 Value

Techniques to Advance the Lab + Continuing Education PDF - $130 Value

Personnel Training + Personnel Training Checklist - $130 Value

Total Value: $870

The 30 Day Lab Makeover

A Micro-Course for Optimizing the Veterinary Laboratory

Today's Price: $57!

Start Evolving Your Laboratory Services Today!
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