Some of Our Testimonials

"Rachel was easy to work with, understood what we needed, and made helpful suggestions to the lab contracts presented to us. We wish we would've contacted her prior to deciding on which external lab we wanted to go with. Her specialty is niche in our industry, and really so important. It was really helpful to have someone with her knowledge guide us on the contracts and she helped us make the best decisions possible!"

Border Collie
Drs. Lisa Ellsberry & Bevin Marzullo

Co-Owners, Pacific City Veterinary Care, WA

"Rachel is the best! As a vet, I thrive in the exam rooms and don't have the time or understanding on how to negotiate contracts with big lab companies. Rachel did all of that for me and saved me more money than I could have imagined which also allows me to pass those saving along to my clients! Hire Rachel, you won't be disappointed."

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Patrick Jones, DVM

Owner, Portside Veterinary Hospital, SC

"Having very little solid reference material for lab other than a benchmark and a ratio, it is a blessing to have someone specialize in this area as well as to do the time-consuming work associated with a pricing overhaul. Rachel is thorough, very experienced, and is an asset to the veterinary community."

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Meg Oliver, CVPM

Practice Manager, Cicero Animal Clinic, NY

"Rachel filled in all of the blanks and little details for our mobile lab that would have otherwise been missed for our business launch. She saved us lots of time and potential issues down the road."

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Craig Swanson

Owner, VanVets, NV

"I wanted to purchase in-house laboratory equipment and needed help. I called Rachel at Amwell Data Services and she was extremely knowledgeable. She prepared a business plan and compared vendors for me. She worked with me every step of the way. At the end, she negotiated a price in which I was very happy with. Would recommend her for any of your laboratory needs."

Dr. Lauri McGaughran, DVM

Owner, Woods End Equine Veterinary Services, NJ

"The most important service that Amwell Data Services offers is effective listening. Rachel spent a significant portion of her time working with us to sit down and listen to all stakeholders share their feedback and ideas about what improvements they wanted to see in lab operations. She was able to take all those competing perspectives from staff, vets, and techs and find a series of solutions that made positive improvements for everyone. Never once did she attempt to apply a cookie cutter solution to us--she was incredibly focused on finding the right solution that worked for us. She was receptive to all kinds of feedback throughout the process, and monitored her implemented changes to ensure that they worked as planned. In instances where there were hiccups along the way, she took the time to write protocols, train our staff, or, if it was clear the process just wouldn't work, would simply move on to another, better solution. If the best solution required her to teach herself a new skill or platform, she would do so without being asked in order to keep the process moving forward. Rachel is a problem solver, and while her professional focus is on lab services, I wouldn't hesitate to consult with her any time I had a problem that I needed solving."

Adam Furlong

Vice-President, Operations

B. W. Furlong & Associates, Oldwick, NJ