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Custom 1:1 Transformations for Veterinary Practices
High-touch, fully customizable projects designed for individual veterinary practices to evolve their laboratory services. The transformation process varies, but typically includes staff interviews, assessing current workflows, and creating personalized solutions built for that team's needs. Solutions can be designed to optimize one specific workflow, or target a more comprehensive approach.
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Lab-Focused Online Trainings
Self-paced, targeted transformations. Built for game-changers looking to build a better practice, evolve their laboratory services, and leverage their lab for practice growth.
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focusing on best medicine.
modern, open-minded solutions for the lab & beyond.
Covid-19 Changes

Due to Covid-19, virtual meetings and phone consultations are available in conjunction with limited on-site visits.

types of Services offered

We've found the veterinary laboratory is routinely under-leveraged for the practice's overall fiscal stability and growth. Optimized day-to-day efficiency creates room for highly profitable, pro-patient testing programs. We build a variety of hands-on, custom tools and projects to help veterinarians better utilize their laboratory.

For practices without an in-house laboratory, our projects and tools are still highly applicable and effective. Ranging from physical workflow analysis to fiscal analysis to marketing outreach, we use an unbiased, analytical yet creative approach tailored to your preferences.

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Test pricing analysis

We do all the heavy lifting to break down your cost-per-test (including labor!). You're given an easy-to-read table of your testing menu, complete with margin and markup calculations.

Laboratory Evaluation

We work with you to update and plan your laboratory services. Maximize your investments and staffing while minimizing costs and turn-around-times.

Strategic & Growth Planning

Laying out achievable steps to turn plans into reality. Are your procedure volumes and clientele changing?

contract negotiation

Maximize your third-party partnerships with diagnostic companies.

technical proficiency

Assess laboratory knowledge and abilities to help capitalize on strengths and identify areas of opportunity for continued education.

Software Integrations & Automations

Configure workflows built using software automations. If custom, personalized solutions are warranted, connect practices to third-party developers.

Metabolic testing Programs & Tracking

Identify patients with suspect metabolic illnesses, and close the circle on rechecks and treatment options through improved client-veterinarian communication.

Optimizing Physical Workflows

Physical reorganization in the laboratory can make day-to-day operations faster and easier for your team.

Early Detection Programs

Custom preventative testing programs that benefit patients, clients, and the practice, and complement Wellness Packages.


High level research design, analysis, and publishing support. Grow your reputation in cutting-edge medicine.

Shipping Strategies

Analysis of diagnostic sample shipping to save on shipping costs and better protect samples.

Contingency Planning

Equipment breaks. Life happens. Take time to prepare for the unexpected.

Optimizing Staffing Needs

Evaluate staffing volume needs around procedural volumes to ease burnout within your team.

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No Annual Contract

No monthly or annual commitment or retainer fees.

One of our marketing programs grew sales of a veterinary pharmaceutical product by 33% in one year focusing on best medicine. Conservative projections estimate over $230,000 in net income over the next ten years.

What is your practice leaving on the table?

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Rachel Lemcke, BS, MS

Owner, Amwell Data Services

Dedicated to morphing the veterinary laboratory into an evolving asset for veterinarians & their teams.