Puppies are cute. Missed billing isn't.

Let's stop the hemorrhaging.

Missed billing BURNS

What's missed billing in the lab costing your practice?

"The American Animal Hospital Association reported in 2013 that 17% of lab tests were not billed to clients in the average clinic, costing practices almost $1.1 million a year."*

A realistic solution?

Given that veterinary practices have more on their plates than ever, teams have even less time to devote to checking invoices.

Enter remote laboratory invoice auditing.

For practices that have PIMS integration with lab equipment, this is a great way to double check those safe holds are working well. Depending on the software and practice workflows, there might be workarounds or situations where items could be left off the bill.

How would this work?

A dedicated set of eyes carefully reviews invoices, yet doesn't change any billing. While there might still be time to correct that billing, the goal is bigger: we work with your team to correct the causative situations that led to the missed billing. All of this is done remotely, and secure, recorded sessions provide transparency.

Don't let hard-earned profits walk out the door.

--Currently in beta testing--

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