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Guest Interview on the Vett Method Podcast

Rachel and host Dr. Sanjay Mangabhai discuss the power of optimizing workflows in the laboratory, as well as methods to calculate costs of laboratory testing.

Featured on Veterinary Financial Summit's Webinar Saving Big in Daily Practice

We learned a lot about how veterinary practices can save money in inventory management, the laboratory, and payment processing. Each panelist provided key insights into how clinics lose money in these areas and what we can do to prevent that.

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Guest Interview on the Abundant Beans Podcast

It happens to all of us from time to time. We get stuck in a rut, running through our processes the same way we’ve always done them. It works, but does it work well? This is why we’ve got to stop and ask ourselves: is this the highest and best use of our time and resources?

Guest Interview on the Inventory Nation Podcast

In this episode of the Inventory Nation Podcast, Rachel Lemcke and host Nicole Clausen discuss the logistics of managing and pricing laboratory services and some tips and strategies for how to make lab services a successful and profitable part of your veterinary practice.