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Diagnostic Vendor Proposals & Analysis

Vendor Proposals Made Simple
Personalized Proposal Book

Easy-to-follow compilation of vendor proposals, pricing schedules, and proposal analysis and summaries.

Lab Equipment: Planning & Negotiating
Independent Consulting & Analysis

Rachel assembles ideal equipment packages based on your practice's needs and proposed workflows. Equipment and testing from multiple vendors such as Idexx, Antech, Abaxis, Heska, and other specialty vendors can be compared directly. Rachel then negotiates on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Additional Analytics
Digging Deeper

Made-to-order, complimentary charts compare testing rebates, cost-per-run, test volumes, and more.

Detailed Lab Test Pricing Analysis

Understand the Full Costs of Doing Business 
Take the Mystery Out of Lab Test Pricing

Primarily geared towards demystifying in-house lab test pricing, Rachel breaks down the true costs behind your lab testing, including supplies and labor. Once your true cost-per-test is calculated, you can easily add a flat amount or percentage for desired profit. Built-in formulas make it easy to gauge effects of proposed pricing on profit margins and mark ups.

Please note practice-specific information will be needed: test menu and approximate test volumes, staff wages/salary, and equipment purchase/lease price.

Lab Test Pricing
Umbrella multipliers like "2.5x costs" likely fail to incorporate your true costs and profits.
Strategic & Growth Planning

Laying out achievable steps to turn plans into reality. Are your procedure volumes and clientele changing?

Optimizing Physical Workflows

Physical reorganization in the laboratory can make day-to-day operations faster and easier for your team.

Early Detection Programs

Custom preventative testing programs that benefit patients, clients, and the practice, and complement Wellness Packages.

Metabolic testing Programs & Tracking

Identify patients with suspect metabolic illnesses, and close the circle on rechecks and treatment options through improved client-veterinarian communication.

Why & How?

We've found the veterinary laboratory is routinely under-leveraged for the practice's overall fiscal stability and growth. Optimized day-to-day efficiency creates room for highly profitable, pro-patient testing programs. We build a variety of hands-on, custom tools and projects to help veterinarians better utilize their laboratory.

For practices without an in-house laboratory, our projects and tools are still highly applicable and effective. Ranging from physical workflow analysis to fiscal analysis, we use an unbiased, analytical yet creative approach tailored to your preferences.

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"I wanted to purchase in-house laboratory equipment and needed help. I called Rachel at Amwell Data Services and she was extremely knowledgeable. She prepared a business plan and compared vendors for me. She worked with me every step of the way. At the end, she negotiated a price in which I was very happy with. Would recommend her for any of your laboratory needs."

Dr. Lauri McGaughran, DVM

Owner, Woods End Equine Veterinary Services, NJ

"The most important service that Amwell Data Services offers is effective listening. Rachel spent a significant portion of her time working with us to sit down and listen to all stakeholders share their feedback and ideas about what improvements they wanted to see in lab operations. She was able to take all those competing perspectives from staff, vets, and techs and find a series of solutions that made positive improvements for everyone. Never once did she attempt to apply a cookie cutter solution to us--she was incredibly focused on finding the right solution that worked for us. She was receptive to all kinds of feedback throughout the process, and monitored her implemented changes to ensure that they worked as planned. In instances where there were hiccups along the way, she took the time to write protocols, train our staff, or, if it was clear the process just wouldn't work, would simply move on to another, better solution. If the best solution required her to teach herself a new skill or platform, she would do so without being asked in order to keep the process moving forward. Rachel is a problem solver, and while her professional focus is on lab services, I wouldn't hesitate to consult with her any time I had a problem that I needed solving."

Adam Furlong

Vice-President, Operations

B. W. Furlong & Associates, Oldwick, NJ

Pricing for Laboratory Consulting Services for Growing Veterinary Practices

Growth Made Simple
(1-3 Vendors)

Built for Practice Owners Who've Already Narrowed Down Their Preferred Diagnostics Partner List


or Two $500 Payments
Plus Tiered Savings Percentage if Contract/Agreement Signed

  • Personalized Proposal Book
  • Proposals & Comparisons from 1-3 Vendors
  • Additional Complimentary Analytics (as needed)
  • Full Contract/Agreement Negotiation

Open-Ended Growth
(4+ Vendors)

Designed for Practice Owners who Want to Fully Explore Their Options


or Two $700 Payments
Plus Tiered Savings Percentage if Contract/Agreement Signed

  • Personalized Proposal Book
  • Unlimited Vendor Proposals & Comparisons
  • Additional Complimentary Analytics (as needed)
  • Full Contract/Agreement Negotiation

Detailed Lab Test Pricing Analysis

Ensure Your True Costs and Desired Profits Are Covered


Per Machine

  • Multi-page Spreadsheet with Cost-Per-Test by Supplies & Labor
  • Built-in Formulas Allow for Future Modification
  • Includes All Testing Per Machine (e.g., all chemistry panels and individual chemistry tests run on one chemistry analyzer, etc.)
  • Automatically Calculates Profit Margin & Mark Up
  • Tracks Highest, Lowest, & Average Margins & Mark Ups 

custom Project

Fully custom, 1:1 projects for practices looking to troubleshoot and strengthen their lab services


Flat project fee or $95 hourly rate available

  • Project Scope TBD
  • Example 1:1 transformational projects include lab design, consulting with diagnostic companies, troubleshooting and optimizing workflows, and custom software integrations
  • Quarterly Support Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of practices do you serve?

All types of veterinary practices are welcome, from equine-only to small animal hospitals and exotics. Just like all animals need care, I aim to provide their veterinarians with support in the laboratory.

Do you only serve the Northeast US?

I serve veterinarians around the country, and I welcome international clients. I'm always up for a challenge, and would love to serve the international veterinary community as well.
How do you work with practices?

Most work for laboratory planning is performed remotely over Zoom and phone calls. Other projects may require on-site visits.

What is the typical timeline, and what should practice owners expect?

Lab planning: End-to-end timelines vary, and are typically 3-6 months. Confidentiality and clear expectations are paramount, so a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed prior to partnering together. Once the project scope and solutions are defined and agreed upon, a mutually-signed contract ensures we're both aware of expectations. Once a deposit is received, Rachel gets to work planning your future lab. Once we've reviewed the vendor proposals together, we move forward with the best fit.

1:1 transformational projects: Confidentiality and clear expectations are paramount, so a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed prior to partnering together. The first step to creating the best solutions is gathering perspectives access the team via staff interviews. These interviews often reveal additional opportunities to further streamline workflows and communication. Once the project scope and solutions are defined and agreed upon, the project pricing will be determined, and a mutually-signed contract ensures we're both aware of expectations. We get to work! This step looks different for each practice, but typically involves on-site visits and/or digital deliverables (like spreadsheets). Project completion times vary, but typically take a few weeks to a few months. Quarterly support is typically included, allowing for further refinement and updates.

What is your pricing structure?

Current pricing for laboratory planning and negotiation is a combination of project scope (in terms of vendors evaluated) and a tiered percentage of savings if a contract or agreement is signed. 1:1 custom projects are priced according to scope. No monthly or annual retainers are involved, and quarterly support is included for revisions.