Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only serve the Northeast US?

I serve veterinarians around the country, and I welcome international clients. I'm always up for a challenge, and would love to serve the international veterinary community as well.

What types of practices do you serve?

All types of veterinary practices are welcome, from equine-only to small animal hospitals and exotics. Just like all animals need care, I aim to provide their veterinarians with support in the laboratory.

How do you work with practices?

Depending on the project scope, I offer a combination of on-site visits and remote/virtual work.

What does the 1:1 custom transformation process look like?

Confidentiality and clear expectations are paramount, so a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is signed prior to partnering together.

The first step to creating the best solution is gathering perspectives across the team via staff interviews. These interviews often reveal additional opportunities to further streamline workflows and communication.

 Once the project scope and solutions are outlined and agreed upon, the project pricing will be determined, and a mutually-signed contract ensures we're both aware of expectations.

We get to work! This step looks different for each practice, but typically involves on-site visits and/or digital deliverables (like spreadsheets). Project completion times vary, but typically take a few weeks to a few months. Quarterly support is typically included, allowing for further refinement and updates.

What is your pricing structure?

Currently pricing is a combination of project scope and practice size. No monthly or annual retainers are involved, and projects include quarterly support.

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