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Improving your independent practice by optimizing the veterinary laboratory

through lab vendor matchmaking and contract negotiation, DACVR-led imaging equipment advising, strategic operational management, and CVT-lead lab technique workshops. 

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We find the best-fitting vendor for your practice's clinical and business needs, and work hard to get that at the best price we can. Here are some big wins.

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We believe optimizing the lab is one way to help independent veterinary teams find much-needed capital for staff retention. We see our work as an integral component to improving access to veterinary care. 

Our recommendations surrounding laboratory and imaging equipment and testing are not colored by kickbacks, commissions, or affiliation offers from any industry vendors.

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Rachel Lemcke
Rachel Lemcke, MS
Founder & Independent Veterinary Laboratory Consultant

Matthew Gutman, DVM, DACVR

Independent Consultant for Imaging Equipment & Workflows
Dr. Matthew Gutman, DVM, DACVR
Sam Geiling, Credentialed Veterinary Technician
Sam Geiling, CVT
Technical Educator
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